"I have been working with Mojdeh over the course of the last year. I first came to her for help during a very difficult time, suffering chronic pain from migraines as well as bouts of depression.  I had tried various forms of therapy but nothing seemed to help. I had never done energy healing before and was skeptical that it would address my particular issues. After my very first session, I was blown away. The effects were both immediate and dramatic. Mojdeh is the first professional I have been to who seems to be cognizant of the fact that healing has to simultaneously apply to the physical, emotional and mental—and she has developed unique techniques to ensure you achieve the restorative balance needed in your life . After just a few months, I found I had more energy, the pain in my head was gone and I felt generally lighter than I ever had before.  I cannot say enough about her healing capabilities; it will change your life! "  ~ S.M.

"I've been there & could sing a hymn of praise to the energy of your hands & spirit. " ~  Z.S.

"Thank you so much for walking me through with some of my core fears. It was so professional, and at the same time, very loving and powerful. You are a very gifted healer. I'm very grateful that the Universe introduced us. " ~ S.C.

"No one has helped me like you have, to have clarity about and to clean out old patterns. With you I know I AM IN GOOD HANDS. "        ~ N.F.

"I contacted Mojdeh because I was frustrated with the lack of movement in my career, and I was in fear financially. Mojdeh really helped me get to the core of the issue, and helped me to release some old belief systems that were blocking me from moving forward and living in abundances. The sessions were tailor made for my specific situation, and each session was loving, powerful and empowering. The combination of hypnotherapy, energy healing, and Mojdeh's natural healing abilities created immediate results.  I not only felt better, but was passionate again about my work, and abundance and opportunity started to flow again. I am so grateful to Mojdeh for helping me through this period. If ever I feel stuck again, I know I will be seeking out Mojdeh's help. Thank you for everything!!!" ~  C.S.

"I was referred to Mojdeh by a very good friend of mine and I was very excited when I was able to set up an appointment with her. From the first minute I met her, I felt a very warm and inviting vibe from her so I felt extremely comfortable. It was very easy to open up to Mojdeh about the situations and blockages I needed help with as she was very receptive and compassionate as well as professional. I seemed to connect with her and her energy healing brought very much awareness and light to some matters I needed to focus on. Following the session, I experienced some personal conflicts at home, but I had so much peace from my visit with Mojdeh, that I was able to handle it in a positive and healthy manner. I am very grateful and am looking forward to seeing her again soon." ~ L.S.

"Begin difficult things while they

are easy,

do great things when they are small. 

The difficult things of the world

must once have been easy,  

the great things must

once have been small...

A thousand mile journey

begins with one step" ~Lao Tzu


"I am grateful for YOU and for starting and leading me on this wonderful journey and the experience of good health,awareness and a self realization that is  awakening a different kind of happiness within me with which I wasn't in touch with before."  ~F.S.

"As I am committed to living a conscious life,    I find it very important to bring awareness in my daily routines and eating habits and how they effect me.  Mojdeh was a great partner in bringing such awareness to my world and allowing me to shift and adopt new daily routines.   I  highly recommend Mojdeh to others who seek such an awareness raising experience."~R.R.

"My experience of Mojdeh's Cleanse Program was amazing. I always thought I need protein and I need solid food to function. However, I realized with a good green liquid diet filled well  balanced nutrients can give me a lot of energy and satisfaction.  My body felt light and I had high stamina and moreover my  skin!! Every one I met would ask me what I'm doing since my skin was vibrant and glowing." ~ M.T.

"For anyone who has tried to cleanse before or thought about it, Mojdeh's cleanse is different.  She tailor-creates the cleanse for your body and your concerns. It isn't about discipline as much as tuning into yourself physically and spiritually." ~S.O.

"Through Mojdeh's cleansing programme I  experienced going through a physical,mental and an emotional journey which has been greatly beneficial to me in life.
With Mojdeh's knowledge and support in this cleansing programme I was relieved from drastic bloating, I gave up coffee and alcohol, took charge of my stress and gained energy, awareness and calmness which had been missing in my life. 
I recommend this reviving,energizing and healing gift to all."  ~S.F.

Although I did my own version of the cleanse, I felt the effects of incorporating some healthy and nutritious foods into my everyday life... what really stood out for me were the peaceful and happy feelings which stayed with me for quite a while even after I stopped the juicing.
What made it enjoyable was that I felt supported (your personal touch and your ever-present kindness and understanding) and I loved that every single one of us could tailor the program to our own way of life. If nothing else, you showed me how to improve my life and my state of mind by just changing a few small habits... and that's priceless!!!!
By the way, I'm still not drinking coffee (which has done wonders for my stomach aches) and I've become more aware of what i put into my body." ~M.M.