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Amega Wand


I have come across an interesting healing device that works wonders.  I was skeptical at first, so I decided to do my own experiments with it  to see for myself if this technology really worked – and I have continually seen results.  Using Zero Point Field energy, the AMWand and AMPendant increase strength, balance and flexibility and reminds the body how to self-heal and release pain. Kids are more energy-sensitive and they love the wand; they are more aware of its presence and enjoy the results.  

Zero Point Energy

Most of the Amega Global products work off of the foundation of Zero Point Energy. Zero Point Energy is defined as “the infinite, formless, non-frequency energy that contains all potential in the Cosmos’ quantum vacuum. When this energy is condensed down into matter, information is stored in the molecular structures and has vibratory frequency, commonly known as the electromagnetic spectrum.”

The Bio-Energetic Field

All living organisms have a field of energy surrounding them, called the bio-energetic field. Science has now created various methods of photographing this field as well as measuring it. When the bio-energetic field is in distorted or “disorganized” form -- the interference that you encounter in your everyday life -- it can immediately affect your strength, flexibility, balance, and endurance. This begins to manifest as fatigue that, if left unchecked, could ultimately progress to acute or chronic pain or even degenerative illness.

In your everyday life, you are compromised by the effects of a polluted world. These pollutants include cell phones, computers, electrical appliances, toxins in food, water and air, stress and much more. These physical signs of imbalance put the body into a state of disharmony.

The Amega AMWand addresses this imbalance at the energetic level to “reorganize” your bio-energetic field. In the state of homeostasis (complete balance) your innate restorative and balance processes and optimal wellness can be restored.

AMized® Fusion Technology

AMized® Fusion Technology (AFT®) is a proprietary technology developed by the Amega Global Research & Development Team; comprising 25 years within the principles of Quantum Physics and Quantum Mechanics.

AMized® Fusion Technology products resonate at zero-point energy and help the bio-energetic fields to source the life-force energy, to release the congestion of the flow of energy in the body, and harmonize the resonance of the bio-energetic field, bringing all aspects (mental, physical, and spiritual) into harmony.

When you use a product that has been charged with zero point energy, it reminds your body cells “where they came from”. In other words, it reminds them that they were once healthy cells and can return to such a state. Thus, it puts the body in a favorable state to return to ”source”  from within and subside the pain that it is having.

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The Amega AMWand

The Amega AMWand is made up of a special combination of granulated crystals, energized using proprietary technology, encapsulated within a stainless steel pen-sized casing. The crystals in the AMWand naturally harmonize and energize our gross and subtle bodies. They have powerful healing qualities and are energy amplifiers that can receive, activate, store, transmit and regulate energy.

AMWand Uses:

  • Increased energy and well-being
  • Energize any area of the body
  • Energize body fluids
  • Energize and optimize food and water
  • Protection from toxins in food
  • Energize personal care products
  • On pets and plants to supplement energy deficiency
  • Energize your beverages by moving the AMWand in a clockwise motion and notice the difference in taste.

The AMWand can also be used on the face after application of skin care products. Use gently and always stroke upwards to prevent skin from sagging.

How to Use the Zero Point Energy Wand :

  • The Zero Point Energy Wand may be used in any way you find beneficial. However, here are a few basic suggestions:
  • Point the Wand as closely as possible to the area of the body you are choosing to work on and rotate clockwise
  • Press and rotate at least 3times on all finger and toe tips to unblock energy blockages
  • You can also stir liquids with wand (with proper hygiene)
  •  Use the Wand on face to rejuvenate the skin
  • Use the Wand to Energize your food and water

The Amega AMPendant

The Amega AMPendant is based around the same zero point energy concept as the AMwand.  The pendant is designed and created using certain advanced minerals that are held in a titanium case, fused and processed by Amega’s own AMized Fusion Technology.

The pendant itself is designed to resonate at zero point energy and help the human body’s bio energy field restore itself to its natural homeostasis condition.  Wearing the pendant will help to increase the body’s ability to fight stress from everyday life, and also help to combat the effects that can come from living in a e-smog environment  (Our daily exposure to EMF’s and EMR’s : cell phones, TV’s, Cell towers, etc.).

Besides the obvious benefits of less stress, below are a few other benefits that the pendant can have:

  • Will help to restore the common breakdowns in your Bio energetic field.
  • Will help to energize your body’s fluids and cells
  • Will help to energize liquids that you drink, the air you breathe and the food you eat.
  • Neutralize the harmful effects (energetically) from the liquid, air and food you come in contact with on a daily basis.
  • Strengthen and restore natural balance to the body’s Bio-energy.
  • Will help to increase energy and strengthen the flow of energy in your body.
  •   Stimulate bodily functions and immunity by facilitating the delivery of oxygen to cells.

While the AMwand is something that you can use when needed, the pendant will continuously allow the cells within your body to resonate at zero point energy, so they are constantly being reminded of their original state and in turn will be working to create a balance of energy within you while you are wearing it.

Some of the stories and testimonials that people are telling about their results as far as blood pressure, diabetes and lupus, while wearing this pendant for a few weeks are amazing. Take 30 minutes and listen to a live call and hear it for yourself! Once you’ve listened to the sincerity in their voice as they tell their stories, you WILL be amazed at the results they have had.

-Taken from Amega product bulletin